Book Review: Life on the Edge

This was a really exciting book that I enjoyed immensely. It was well written by two exceptionally intelligent individuals. It is accessible, but not condescending. It is intelligent, but not stuff. It is a science book written for lay-folk like myself who find the mysteries of the universe to be both a source of wonder… Continue reading Book Review: Life on the Edge

Book Review: Four Views on the Historical Adam

Title: Four Views on the Historical Adam Authors: Denis O. Lamoureux John H. Walton  |  BioLogos Forum C. John Collins    |  Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? William D. Barrick | The Masters Seminary Greg A. Boyd   | ReKnew Philip G. Ryken |  Sermon Audio Publisher: Zondervan Year: 2013 Pages: 289 (e-book) Additional Information: Counterpoints:… Continue reading Book Review: Four Views on the Historical Adam

Beginning at the Beginning

Friends, Christian posted a short exercise in theology at Church Voices a few days ago. That I think you should take 60 seconds of your time to read. He wrote: I’m currently reading the book Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey.  In it she proposes Creationism as foundational to communicating the gospel. I have to agree.… Continue reading Beginning at the Beginning

On ID (Salvo Mag) and AiG (The Christian Century)

Friends, I subscribed to three or four new magazines and journals this year. Two of them are my concern with this post. The first is Salvo. I thought it might be fun and some challenging, critical reading. The first issue I received, issue 4, Winter 2008:  ID (as in, Intelligent Design). The second is The… Continue reading On ID (Salvo Mag) and AiG (The Christian Century)

A New Blog to Visit & Rapid Acceleration in Evolution & Friends

Friends, Those of you who are interested might trying visiting the new blog Design of Life. Lead blogger is Denyse O’Leary who also blogs at PostDarwinist and Uncommon Descent. I have added this blog to my blogroll as well. Here’s a sampling from one of her first posts. It concerns several myths that are currently… Continue reading A New Blog to Visit & Rapid Acceleration in Evolution & Friends

Some of the Best Money Ever Spent?

Friends, Imagine this. Every day, somewhere in the world (but mostly in the USA) some preacher gets the idea to build a megapolis to his own honor (usually, called a ‘megachurch’.) They use fancy sounding phrases like ‘this will enable us to better meet the ministry needs of our community’ and things like that. A… Continue reading Some of the Best Money Ever Spent?

Why Christians Should Reject Evolution

Friends, A while back I made quick reference at this blog to an essay published by Scientific American written by Michael Shermer: Darwin on the Right. It’s an older essay (published September 18, 2006), but I think the points he made then still need to addressed by thinking people who refuse to just give up. The… Continue reading Why Christians Should Reject Evolution

Some other Essays and Blogs Concerning Evolution

Friends, Here’s some helpful stuff concerning evolution: First, Intelligent Design is Not Creationism. (Blog entry by Robert Crowther.) I think this is significant. Said Philip Johnson, “Ralph, in my writings and public appearances I can’t even mention God much less Satan. I have a very specific battle to fight, namely, to take apart the logic… Continue reading Some other Essays and Blogs Concerning Evolution

I wonder If…: Thoughts on the Creation ‘Debate’

Friends, I wonder if anyone really understands what the ‘debate’ is? Here’s the closing paragraph from Avery Cardinal Dulles at First Things: God and Evolution. The recent outburst of atheistic scientism is an ominous sign. If unchecked, this arrogance could lead to a resumption of the senseless warfare that raged in the nineteenth century, thus… Continue reading I wonder If…: Thoughts on the Creation ‘Debate’

Stephen Jay Gould (RIP) and ‘Conclusions’

Friends, Stephen Jay Gould, eminent popularizer of Darwinism over the course of his career writing for Natural History was simply a stunning writer. I quote from his essay, In the Mind of the Beholder, in the February 1994 issue: Historians and philosophers of science often make a distinction between the logic and psychologic of a… Continue reading Stephen Jay Gould (RIP) and ‘Conclusions’

Some Thoughts on Darwinisms Demise

Friends, Darwinism is defunct, deadly, and dying. Stunning Documentary Links Darwin, Hitler. Charles Darwin should share with Adolph Hitler the blame for the 11 million or more lives lost in the Holocaust, a provocative video documentary explains. And, the program says, the more than 45 million American lives lost to abortion also can be blamed on… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Darwinisms Demise

Someone Who is Delusional

Friends, Scientific Americanhas published the most ridiculous essay by Michael Shermer publisher of Skeptic. He has published 6 reasons why Conservative Christians should just accept Darwinian evolution. They are: 1. Evolution fits well with good theology. 2. Creationism is bad theology. 3. Evolution explains original sin and the Christian model of human nature. 4. Evolution… Continue reading Someone Who is Delusional

Help Me Here: Artificial Life in the Lab??

Friends, Perhaps some of my more scientific friends could help me with this story because I’m not quite certain what to make of it at this point. Artificial Life. Here are a couple of questions. First, is he serious about this being used to ‘combat global warming’? Second, are there any ethical issues concerning what… Continue reading Help Me Here: Artificial Life in the Lab??

Irreducible Complexity

Friends, Someone complained to me a while back that irreducible complexity had been debunked and proven false. I just found an essay by William Dembski that reduces that debunking to myth. It is an older essay (published in 2003) but worth the effort. For even more, visit Irreducible Complexity Revisited. By the way, many of… Continue reading Irreducible Complexity