Judging PBS: ID Fights Back

Friends, Evidently, the Discovery Institute is fighting back. According to the Christian Post: The Discovery Institute plans to post a slide show presentation critiquing the online materials from PBS-NOVA’s “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial” documentary on http://www.judgingpbs.com. According to the site: Introduction. PBS asserts that the evidence “unequivocally supports [Darwin’s] theory of evolution by… Continue reading Judging PBS: ID Fights Back

A New Blog to Visit & Rapid Acceleration in Evolution & Friends

Friends, Those of you who are interested might trying visiting the new blog Design of Life. Lead blogger is Denyse O’Leary who also blogs at PostDarwinist and Uncommon Descent. I have added this blog to my blogroll as well. Here’s a sampling from one of her first posts. It concerns several myths that are currently… Continue reading A New Blog to Visit & Rapid Acceleration in Evolution & Friends

What If Darwin ceased being a god?

Friends, I have blogged here a bit concerning the stupidity and inanity of Darwinism (not to mention its utter unbelievability and un-provability and, well, you get the point). Well, I came across an interesting post at Uncommon Descent this evening by Denyse O’Leary that poses the question: What would happen to science if Darwin ceased to… Continue reading What If Darwin ceased being a god?

Darwinism in its Death Throes?

Friends, Some want humanity to be captured in their web and under their control whether it is the strident Global Warming activist or the ardent Darwinist.  This is not good for thinking people. However, there is hope: Darwinism is in its evidential, mathematical, intellectual, philosophical, and ethical death throes — thus all the hysteria on the… Continue reading Darwinism in its Death Throes?

Science & Religion in Conflict?

Friends, For those of you who visit regularly, you are aware that I have been pointing out that there is a significant gap between Darwinism (materialism, Darwinian Evolution, Dawkinsian Evolution, Gouldian Evolution, Jon Evolution, evolution, macro-evolution, Jurassic Park Evolution, theistic evolution, God-of-the-gaps Evolution, etc.) and Genesis 1 (Biblical) Christianity. I believe it is very hard to… Continue reading Science & Religion in Conflict?

“Are Atheists the New Gays?” or Are Faith and Reason Incompatible?

Friends, I haven’t yet figured out this fella named Dinesh D’Souza. He seems to be all the rage nowadays among certain wings of churchianity. However, I came across this little essay he wrote and published at Townhall.com and I thought it was a rather interesting piece: Are Atheists the New Gays? Mr D’Souza spends the majority… Continue reading “Are Atheists the New Gays?” or Are Faith and Reason Incompatible?

Social Darwinism: ‘Necessary but not Sufficient’?

Friends, I have had my debates here with Darwinists and atheists. There is a great debate taking place at Uncommon Descent where BarryA has noted the Darwinian tendencies of two incidents of students shooting up their schools and killing their fellow human beings. The essay Darwin At Columbine is not a casual reading of the incident… Continue reading Social Darwinism: ‘Necessary but not Sufficient’?

If Darwinism Didn’t Exist…

Friends, You may not visit there often, so I’ll provide a link back. You really should read this post at Uncommon Descent: The Science Rule the Christian Darwinist Forgot by Denyse O’Leary. She concludes: Here is one project he doesn’t want: We just look at the accumulated evidence for the history of life on this planet… Continue reading If Darwinism Didn’t Exist…

Is Belief in Divine Creation Rational? & Much More!

Friends, I think you will appreciate this: Is Belief in Divine Creation Rational? This is a lecture by David Anderson. I’m piggybacking on a post by William Dembski at Uncommon Descent. I  listened to about the first 15 minutes online then downloaded it to my mp3. So far, I’m impressed. I think you will be too.… Continue reading Is Belief in Divine Creation Rational? & Much More!

Why Christians Should Reject Evolution

Friends, A while back I made quick reference at this blog to an essay published by Scientific American written by Michael Shermer: Darwin on the Right. It’s an older essay (published September 18, 2006), but I think the points he made then still need to addressed by thinking people who refuse to just give up. The… Continue reading Why Christians Should Reject Evolution

I wonder If…: Thoughts on the Creation ‘Debate’

Friends, I wonder if anyone really understands what the ‘debate’ is? Here’s the closing paragraph from Avery Cardinal Dulles at First Things: God and Evolution. The recent outburst of atheistic scientism is an ominous sign. If unchecked, this arrogance could lead to a resumption of the senseless warfare that raged in the nineteenth century, thus… Continue reading I wonder If…: Thoughts on the Creation ‘Debate’

Dembski Nails It!

Friends, (I had to update this a little, because I wrote it late last night and I found a few typing errors.–j) William Dembski has nailed it! You should hit his blog for the whole story and for associated comments by readers, but here’s a snippet: The phrase that jumps out here is “least understood of… Continue reading Dembski Nails It!

Some Thoughts on Darwinisms Demise

Friends, Darwinism is defunct, deadly, and dying. Stunning Documentary Links Darwin, Hitler. Charles Darwin should share with Adolph Hitler the blame for the 11 million or more lives lost in the Holocaust, a provocative video documentary explains. And, the program says, the more than 45 million American lives lost to abortion also can be blamed on… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Darwinisms Demise