Advent Day 10: Matthew 10: Following Jesus is an Upside Down Business

Eugene Peterson wrote, in his book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, "Jesus' imagery, to be followed soon by his sacrifice, is totally counter to our culture of more, more. Could Jesus have made it any clearer? We don't become more, we become less. Instead of grasping more tightly to whatever we value, we let… Continue reading Advent Day 10: Matthew 10: Following Jesus is an Upside Down Business

Advent Day 5: Matthew 5: The Things We Often Forget

Read: Matthew 5; Galatians 5; Exodus At its very core, Advent is a time to think about the first coming of Messiah and, perhaps, to telescope that thinking into the future and his Second Revelation. When we take the time to pause and think about the Advent of our Lord, we are pausing to note… Continue reading Advent Day 5: Matthew 5: The Things We Often Forget

Perpetual Embarrassment

Back several months ago my car was totaled. The road was icy. The temperature was cold. The driver was inexperienced. The hill was steep. And the bend in the road fairly sharp. All this combined equals a destroyed rear-end of a car. The rear-end is worth more than $3000 in damage repair. The car still… Continue reading Perpetual Embarrassment

Book Review: Thriving in Babylon

I love when a book just sort of 'shows up' and it has immediate relevance to my life or ministry. Such was the case with Thriving in Babylon. I was searching through the David C Cook offerings on NetGalley and this book just appeared…I'm fairly certain I heard the sound of 'ahhh' sung by angels… Continue reading Book Review: Thriving in Babylon

Book Review: The End of Me

Back in the day when I was still invited to stand in the pulpit each week and preach, I once had a crazy idea after reading a book by Eugene Peterson. Actually, Peterson's book began sparking little fires in me that I simply could not control. He eventually wrote five volumes in a series of… Continue reading Book Review: The End of Me

Book Review: Help My Unbelief

Every time I get ready to write a book review, I start to feel like I'm about to do something huge–like lead worship with feeble guitar skills, or send out the starting line-up for a little league game, or get in the ring with a prize fighter. It's always nerve wracking and it's always a… Continue reading Book Review: Help My Unbelief

Book Review: Unoffendable

I have a friend who pretty much believes that even when Brant Hansen breathes it is funny. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but in truth, Brant is funny and I am grateful to my friend who 'introduced' me to Hansen several years ago. (To be sure, Brant doesn't know me, didn't ask me to… Continue reading Book Review: Unoffendable

Book Review: Bringing Heaven to Earth

Title: Bringing Heaven to Earth At Amazon: Bringing Heaven to Earth Authors: Josh Ross & Jonathan Storment Publisher: Waterbrook Multnomah Year: 2015 Pages: 215 I like to mark up the books I read with my pen. In this way, I will be able to go back through the book at a later time and note… Continue reading Book Review: Bringing Heaven to Earth

Book Review: Jesus Outside the Lines

Title: Jesus Outside the Lines Author: Scott Sauls Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers Year: 2015 Pages: 210 Disclaimer: Happily I was provided a free copy of Jesus Outside the Lines via Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my free and unbiased review of the book. Joyfully, I present to you my review–free of additives, preservatives, and… Continue reading Book Review: Jesus Outside the Lines

How Long?, Lenten Reflection #7

Here I am in the midst of the Lenten season. I have been reading my Bible, trying to pray, avoiding social media, and really working hard to get myself into a routine that is conducive to good faith practice–that is, I've been working real hard to root our sin and draw closer to Jesus. It… Continue reading How Long?, Lenten Reflection #7

Is Jesus into Politics? Do our American Political Opinions Really Matter?

Once upon a midnight dreary, I was enrolled in seminary. I had to write a paper once concerning whether or not Jesus ever said anything political. I don't remember everything I wrote but I do remember being marked down a grade because it was my opinion that Jesus had very little to say about politics.… Continue reading Is Jesus into Politics? Do our American Political Opinions Really Matter?

500 Words with John’s Gospel: Greater or Lesser

I came across a startling idea when reading John's Gospel and it has to do with greatness or greater. Great. Greater. Greatest. We have fun ways of delineating hierarchy in the English language. I always enjoy seeing words like 'greater' in a text because it makes me wonder what's just 'great.' It happens in John's… Continue reading 500 Words with John’s Gospel: Greater or Lesser

Book Review: How God Makes Men

Title: How God Makes Men Author: Patrick Morley Publisher: Multnomah Books Year: 2013 Pages: 190 Man in the Mirror [The FCC is convinced that you may somehow be led astray if I do not inform you that I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for this thoroughly unbiased and… Continue reading Book Review: How God Makes Men

What the Church Doesn’t Need

I am, and have been, reading Mere Churchianity by the late Michael Spencer, aka the Internet Monk. I really do not think it is possible at this point to write how much I love this book. Michael had a way with words and it continued in this book. The funny thing about the world is… Continue reading What the Church Doesn’t Need

Jesus: Lord? Savior? Both!

Friends, I just started reading The Great Omission by Dallas Willard. Here’s a quote from AW Tozer that Willard has on page 13: …a notable heresy has come into being throughout evangelical Christian circles–the widely accepted concept that we humans can choose to accept Christ only because we need him as Savior and that we… Continue reading Jesus: Lord? Savior? Both!