What if Jesus Treated us the Way we Treat Immigrants?

Perhaps some of you will find this short note a bit unpalatable and un-American. I hope you find it both. I have a lot of different kinds of FB friends, liberals & conservatives, christians & humanists, atheists & theists, men & women, and so on. What continues to amaze me is that it is my… Continue reading What if Jesus Treated us the Way we Treat Immigrants?

Book Review: Jesus Now

Title: Jesus Now Author: Frank Viola Publisher: David C Cook Year: 2014 Pages: 210 Other Resources:     The Deeper Journey     Love Not the World [Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of this e-book via NetGalley. It is my duty to inform you that I was provided this resource for a short period of… Continue reading Book Review: Jesus Now

Book Review: Primal Fire

Title: Primal Fire Author: Neil Cole Publisher: Tyndale or TyndaleMomentum Year: 2014 Pages: 294 Free Study Guide: BookClubHub Neil Cole on Twitter: @Neil_Cole Neil Cole Blogs at: Cole-Slaw Interview with Neil Cole & Frank Viola concerning the Organic Church movement Alan Hirsch: The Forgotten Ways [I include this link only because Cole frequently refers to Hirsch.… Continue reading Book Review: Primal Fire