DA Carson on What Destroys the Church

This is from Carson’s book The Cross and the Christian Ministry: Leadership Lessons from 1 Corinthians. The ways of destroying the church are many and colorful. Raw factionalism will do it. Rank heresy will do it. Taking your eyes off the cross and letter other, more peripheral matters dominate the agenda will do it–admittedly more… Continue reading DA Carson on What Destroys the Church

David Jackman on Loving other Christians

Friends, In my preparations for Sunday’s Lectionary readings, I came across this in David Jackman’s The Message of John’s Letters in the IVP The Bible Speaks Today series. The author is commenting on 1 John 4:20-21. I thought you might appreciate it: “This final ground of assurance brings us full circle back to 4:7, where… Continue reading David Jackman on Loving other Christians

Oswald Chambers on Spiritual Success

Do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you . . . — Luke 10:20 Oswald Chambers on discipleship: Worldliness is not the trap that most endangers us as Christian workers; nor is it sin. The trap we fall into is extravagantly desiring spiritual success; that is, success measured by, and patterned… Continue reading Oswald Chambers on Spiritual Success

The Grace of Being Broke

In the course of some reading this afternoon in preparation for a blog post on Matthew 13, I read the following paragraphs from Capon’s wonderful book The Parables of the Kingdom. These paragraphs speak to the untidy nature of the parables and strange nature of the God whose Kingdom is spoken of by Jesus. God,… Continue reading The Grace of Being Broke