Book Review: Walk on the Wild Side

Title: Walk on the Wild Side Author: Nicholas Oldland Publisher: Kids Can Press Year: 2015 Pages: 36 [Disclaimer: I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for my fair and unbiased review. I am not required to publish a positive review, just an honest one. So…here you go.] Walk on the Wild Side is… Continue reading Book Review: Walk on the Wild Side

Book Review: Exposing the Psalms

Title: Exposing the Psalms Author: Peter Nevland Publisher: Authentic Media Year: March 2014 Pages: 240 (e-book) Additional Information: Spoken Groove Buy at Amazon: Exposing the Psalms Tree of Psalms project [Disclaimer: Some high ranking government official had a brainchild one day and said that if I didn't inform my readers that I received a free… Continue reading Book Review: Exposing the Psalms

Book Review: Thrive

Title: Thrive Author: Mark Hall Publisher: Zondervan Date: 2014 Pages: 230 Other: Casting Crowns [In order to comply with certain rules and regulations enacted and enforced by the FCC, it is important that I remind you that I have received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and unbiased review here… Continue reading Book Review: Thrive

Book Review: The Case for the Psalms

Title: The Case for the Psalms Author: N. T. Wright (Unofficial) NT Wright: Amazon Page Publisher: Harper Collins; HarperOne Page Count: 200 Date: 2013 There are many preachers and theologians I admire to the point of buying anything they write and listening to anything they preach. Among them are Eugene Peterson, D.A. Carson, Frederick Buechner,… Continue reading Book Review: The Case for the Psalms

Thoughts on Education Reform, Pt 1: Athletics & Academics

All I’m saying is that maybe a switch of emphasis will help bring about the reform folks are looking for. Maybe it’s not reform of the same tired methods we need, as much as an utter revolution of ideas and emphasis?