Book Review: Life on the Edge

This was a really exciting book that I enjoyed immensely. It was well written by two exceptionally intelligent individuals. It is accessible, but not condescending. It is intelligent, but not stuff. It is a science book written for lay-folk like myself who find the mysteries of the universe to be both a source of wonder… Continue reading Book Review: Life on the Edge

Seriously Absurd Scientific Inquiry

Friends, Here’s the latest news: Lonely People More Likely to Believe in God. What the hell does that mean? Seriously? Every day I am simply amazed at the amount of human time, money and energy that goes into such ‘research.’ Here’s a portion of the article: People who feel lonely or isolated are more likely… Continue reading Seriously Absurd Scientific Inquiry

Yet More Convincing ‘scientific’ Proof of, uh…

Friends, What do you think this means: De Waal Traces Human Behavior to Apes. The renowned Yerkes primatologist designed an experiment in which two side-by-side apes were rewarded with the same food after completing the same task. Both animals repeated the task to continue to receive the reward. When one of the apes began to… Continue reading Yet More Convincing ‘scientific’ Proof of, uh…

Help Me Here: Artificial Life in the Lab??

Friends, Perhaps some of my more scientific friends could help me with this story because I’m not quite certain what to make of it at this point. Artificial Life. Here are a couple of questions. First, is he serious about this being used to ‘combat global warming’? Second, are there any ethical issues concerning what… Continue reading Help Me Here: Artificial Life in the Lab??