Thoughts on Education Reform, pt 3: True Education Reform Starts at Home

True education reform will take place when we all work together to make certain every single child is given the best, free and appropriate public education available. And that starts at home.

Thoughts on Education Reform, Pt 1: Athletics & Academics

All I’m saying is that maybe a switch of emphasis will help bring about the reform folks are looking for. Maybe it’s not reform of the same tired methods we need, as much as an utter revolution of ideas and emphasis?

Troy Polamalu Sounds Off!

Friends, Troy Palamualu has sounded off against the NFL and it’s about time someone did. Said, the Steelers safety: “I think regarding the evolution of football, it’s becoming more and more flag football, two-hand touch,” Polamalu said. “We’ve really lost the essence of what real American football is about. I think it’s probably all about… Continue reading Troy Polamalu Sounds Off!

What’s Up with this Picture?

Friends, Here’s a picture has on their front page: What’s up with that? If I were one of these four women, I would be suing ESPN–especially after the whole Lebron James Vogue Covergate: I’m just saying that there seems to be a conspiracy going on in the world and that maybe it is time… Continue reading What’s Up with this Picture?