5 Sermons on Resurrection

Friends, Since it is the holiday season of Resurrection, I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in or might benefit from some Resurrection sermons. I  preached these sermons about 3 years ago shortly after I preached a series called The Crucifixion Driven Life. These sermons were inspired by a book that I read… Continue reading 5 Sermons on Resurrection

Discern Your Doctrine with Love

Discern Your Doctrine (Mark Dever) Trevin Wax: What is at stake in this debate over justification? If one were to adopt Piper’s view instead of yours, what would they be missing? NT Wright: What’s missing is an insistence on Scripture itself rather than tradition . . . Kingdom People (NT Wright) or here Unfinished Christianity.)… Continue reading Discern Your Doctrine with Love

An Islamic View of the Messiah: A New Film about a Cross-less Christ

Friends, It has always been a popular thing to make movies about Jesus. Mel Gibson made one and so have many others. Now it turns out that Muslims are getting in on the action. This link connects to an interview with an Iranian man who made a film about Jesus ‘from a Muslim point of… Continue reading An Islamic View of the Messiah: A New Film about a Cross-less Christ

Dawkins Vs Lennox: The Resurrection

Friends, **UPDATE** Click Here for another’s take.  Here is the very truth: “It all quite really comes down to the resurrection of Jesus. It has a fundamental incompatibility [with] the sophisticated scientist,” said Dawkins. “It’s (resurrection of Christ argument) so petty, it’s so trivial, it’s so local, it’s so earth-bound, it’s so unworthy of the… Continue reading Dawkins Vs Lennox: The Resurrection

What My Friend, Jon, the Evolatheist said, pt. 2

Friends, I have posted one thought already about evolution providing us no hope for the future because it establishes in us no purpose in the present. (I’ll say more about this below as I discuss how death is the prevailing experience in this world in general and Darwinism in particular.) Sadly, I think this has done more to ruin… Continue reading What My Friend, Jon, the Evolatheist said, pt. 2