500 Words Per Day: Television

So many things have changed in the few years I have been privileged to walk this earth. I just heard a guy on television ask, 'Guys, what is the number one problem in the world today?' Since the commercial was advertising KFC, I'm not sure the answer was any more meaningful than the question. One… Continue reading 500 Words Per Day: Television

The Amazing 80: Liberia, Africa

Friends, A preacher friend of mine, Dave who serves in Indiana and also writes A Pastor’s Prayer Journey with me, and his friend Sam, are heading up a project called The Amazing 80. This is a project to raise $80,000 in order to build a multi-purpose building in Liberia, Africa. The building will be used… Continue reading The Amazing 80: Liberia, Africa

Jews Need Jesus; Africans…Purpose!

Friends, I’m not going to say much about this. I just happen to find it profoundly ironic. Christian Post has two stories on its front page. The link-lines appear in the following order and with the following words: Rick Warren Launches ‘Purpose Driven’ Plan in Uganda Evangelical Leaders: Jews Need Jesus Christ So, Jews need… Continue reading Jews Need Jesus; Africans…Purpose!