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So I was watching Hannity and Colmes last night with my wife and afterward I watched about 10 minutes of Greta. I don’t care about politics this year and I have decided that I am not voting for either Senator Obama or Senator McCain, but something came up in the course of these two shows that illustrates an important point. It goes something like this.

On the one hand, the Democrat party continues to point out to America that Senator McCain is too closely linked to George W Bush. The add on television points out that McCain voted with President Bush 90% of the time. This, I suppose they are saying, is the reason we should not vote for McCain. That is, we don’t need another 4 years of President Bush. They want us to be afraid of lower taxes, a backbone, and a pro-life position.

On the other hand, the Republican party continues to point out to America that Senator Obama is too closely associated with people like Jeremiah Wright, Tony Resko, and Bill Ayres for us to trust him. His background is shady they say and thus we should not vote for him. That is, we don’t need another 4 years of President Clinton. The Republicans want us to be afraid of his association with these people who have demonstrated their hatred for America, shady business dealings, and their, well, hatred for America.

I guess what the two parties are saying is this: Which of the two has the worst associations? That is, when one of them is elected, whose friends would you rather see sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom: Obama’s or McCain’s? Or who do you hate worse: Bush or some people no one ever heard of until the election campaigns started? Biden goes off about McCain being Bush’s clone. Palin goes off about Obama being associated with criminals and anarchists. Is that really the substance of this election? Now you know why I’m not voting. Fact is Obama will change things and that frightens me. Fact is McCain won’t change much, if anything, and that frightens me too; perhaps more so.

Well, as I said, I’m not voting for either of them in the election. I dislike both candidates for a number of reasons and I am protesting both parties and their inability to put forth a candidate who matters. McCain is like Bush; looks like Chaney; acts like Bob Dole. Obama is like his past; acts like Clinton; and talks like the Rock. (Obama is not Messiah, and he is not JFK. He’s more Clinton (Bill) than anyone.) But when it gets right down to it, whose associations are the worst of the two? The question is, whom do we distrust more: George W Bush or Wright, Resko, and Ayres? I’m not voting for either, but I’ll say this much: I’d much rather have four more years of George W Bush than four years of Wright, Resko, and Ayres.


PS–as a side note, the Democrat party has been telling America for 8 years that George W Bush doesn’t care about us because he is too closely associated with ‘big oil’ and Haliburton and ‘the rich and powerful.’ Now, all of the sudden, they want me to just accept Senator Obama without any reference to the people he associates with (Wright, Resko, etc.). How am I to do this? If I should worry about Bush because of his ‘oil’ connections, should I not worry more about Obama’s connections to criminals?

PPS–I don’t mind if Bush’s economic strategies continue. In his 8 years, I have eliminated considerable debt, paid off my van, and bought my first house. I’m not terribly concerned about McCain’s continuation of Bush’s ‘failed’ economic strategy. It has worked for my family, praise be to God.