Some other Essays and Blogs Concerning Evolution

Friends, Here’s some helpful stuff concerning evolution: First, Intelligent Design is Not Creationism. (Blog entry by Robert Crowther.) I think this is significant. Said Philip Johnson, “Ralph, in my writings and public appearances I can’t even mention God much less Satan. I have a very specific battle to fight, namely, to take apart the logic… Continue reading Some other Essays and Blogs Concerning Evolution

Do Darwinists Suppress Contrary Views?

Friends, It appears so: Casey Luskin reports in his blog just such a suppression. See also this story about such suppression at Baylor University. In fact, if you would like to keep yourself informed of how the Darwinists of this world are continuing to perpetuate the lie of evolution, then visit Casey’sblog. (Rob Crowther also… Continue reading Do Darwinists Suppress Contrary Views?