90 Days with Scripture: Luke 1-2: Jesus

Friends, Here is the latest Skycast from my series 90 Days with Scripture. In this sermon, I explore Luke chapters 1 and 2 and examine four areas that that are subverted in the birth narratives of Jesus. The problem we have as modern disciples is that we have sacralized and sanitized the birth narratives of… Continue reading 90 Days with Scripture: Luke 1-2: Jesus

Christmas Drive Through 2007

Friends, Each year for the past 5 or 6 years my congregation has constructed a Christmas Drive Through, lighted, nativity. We have several different scenes that tell the traditional Christmas story. Some of the picture quality isn’t that great, but you get the idea. I’ll make another show in the next few days from pictures taken in… Continue reading Christmas Drive Through 2007

Bordering on Hilarious

Friends, I have two things to say about this story at the Christian Post: Borders Tags Atheist Book With… First, I think some people are way, way to sensitive. Consider these two well-meaning, but theologically under-read people: “I am quite sure that Borders intended their Christmas card as a joke. However, I personally find it… Continue reading Bordering on Hilarious