Things that Make Jesus Happy

I grew up believing the untenable notion that Jesus never smiled or laughed. I'm not sure why I believed such a thing. I suppose it's perhaps because there's no explicit statement in the Bible that says, "And on that occasion, Jesus laughed." But surely Jesus laughed, right? Surely this one who gives his Spirit to… Continue reading Things that Make Jesus Happy

What’s Missing in the Church?

Friends, Today the author of Slice of Laodicea is lamenting things that are now, in her words, ‘optional’ in the church. She wrote: This is an apt description of evangelicals as well who now increasingly view cardinal doctrines like the deity of Christ, a literal hell, the substitutionary atonement and the Second Coming as optional.… Continue reading What’s Missing in the Church?

DA Carson on: The Fate of the World

Friends, Carson is one of my favorite authors and I read as much of his stuff as I can find. I happened to come across this in his commentary on Matthew in the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, p 520 commenting on Matthew 25: The fate of the nations will be determined by how they respond to… Continue reading DA Carson on: The Fate of the World

A Trio of Important Stories

Friends, Here are some important stories you should read. The first concerns Christian intolerance and is found at: The second concerns Christian lack of compassion and is found at: The third concerns an important message for those in the church who are fed up with what the article calls ‘Burger King Christianity.’… Continue reading A Trio of Important Stories