Eating the Food of Kings

I'm doing some research on the Old Testament book of Daniel in preparation for a project I am about to undertake in the not too distant future. I'm taking it slowly. I'm still in chapter 1. Daniel 1 is an interesting place to begin a book. I mean, Daniel isn't typical prophecy. It has prophetic… Continue reading Eating the Food of Kings

Sermons on the Book of Daniel: The Church in Exile (2007)

Friends, For those of you who happen to preach or teach and need some extra help in preparation you might find this post helpful. All of the files below are found at and are available for access either by going to the widget below or by clicking the links in this post. The… Continue reading Sermons on the Book of Daniel: The Church in Exile (2007)

An Expanded Prayer Vision

A couple of weeks ago, I was preaching my Sunday morning message when I was overcome by an ‘attack’ of kidney stones. It was most unpleasant and I was unable to finish my message that morning. I’m posting the part that I left un-preached here as I believe it was a rather important part of the message.–DG  The Prayers We Pray &… Continue reading An Expanded Prayer Vision