David Wells on the Nature of Theology

Friends, David Wells has written some of the most important books I have personally read. (I referenced four of them on my ‘Books’ page.) Here’s an excerpt from an essay I found online: The nature of evangelical theology is determined for it by the nature of that Word of which it is the exposition and… Continue reading David Wells on the Nature of Theology

David Wells on Creation

Friends, The busy weekend is now upon us. Soccer in the AM, then sermon writing, then worship on Sunday, finally a community wide prayer meeting on Sunday evening. This weekend is certain to be a blessed one in the Lord. I have never met David F. Wells, but I have read four of his books… Continue reading David Wells on Creation

A Degree in Homemaking?

Friends, I just cannot resist. I have heard of some stupid things before, but this one takes the cake. Here’s a new way to learn what common sense and the ability to read should already do. The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) will offer this fall an undergraduate program with a concentration in homemaking, aiming… Continue reading A Degree in Homemaking?

More Homosexual Sin Tolerated in the Church

Friends, I listened to a lecture by David Wells today, “The Disappearance of Evangelical Theology, pt 2”. It was an amazing lecture touching on many key points that have led to the demise in Evangelical Christians being taken seriously. At one point he comments about how ‘worldliness’ has managed to find a home in, of… Continue reading More Homosexual Sin Tolerated in the Church