Intercession for Sodomites and Gomorrahites

Intercession for Sodomites and Gomorrahites Genesis 18, Luke 15 Properly speaking, of course, a Sodomite is someone who lives in Sodom the ancient city that one afternoon Abraham, the father of our faith, stood interceding for. A Gomorrahite is someone who lived Gomorrah. I suspect we have clung to the former because it is much… Continue reading Intercession for Sodomites and Gomorrahites

Don’t be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid Genesis 15, Psalm 7-8 Well, there is a day skipped in here. Sorry. I think I mentioned the other day that Abram is one of my favorite biblical stories. I would love to spend a day with Abram and learn from him and talk to him about his story and his life.… Continue reading Don’t be Afraid

Daily Reading: Jonah 2 and Luke 2, Salvation in the Temple

Jonah 2, Luke 2 I suppose at first glance, it might be rather difficult to see a connection between these two chapters. Indeed, I don’t suppose that every daily reading will necessarily have a connection. But like yesterday, I see something in these two chapters that makes them very similar. In Jonah, you have a… Continue reading Daily Reading: Jonah 2 and Luke 2, Salvation in the Temple