Jesus (Still) Wants to Know Me

Like many people right now, I am reading Michael Spencer’s book Mere Churchianity, which was recently published by Waterbrook Press. I’m only two chapters in, but already I know the reason I bought the book and why I visited the late Spencer’s blog Internet Monk so frequently. He tells his readers in the introduction exactly… Continue reading Jesus (Still) Wants to Know Me

That Kind of Faith

Reflections on Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2009 “Faith has to do with marrying Invisible and Visible. When we engage in an act of faith we give up control, we give up sensory (sight, hearing, etc.) confirmation of reality; we give up insisting on head knowledge as our primary means of orientation in life. The positive… Continue reading That Kind of Faith

Psalm Lesson: Psalm 23 for May 3, 2009

Friends, Here is my first installment of this week’s Lectionary notes. These notes are on Psalm 23. For part of the time while I was writing these notes I was listening to David Crowder*Band’s A Collision or 3+4=7. There are ten (10) pages of notes that include relevant cross-references and quotes and personal observations about… Continue reading Psalm Lesson: Psalm 23 for May 3, 2009

Asleep in Anxiety

Asleep in Anxiety Genesis 7, Psalm 3-4 There are wounded people all around the world. There are people whose lives are under constant threat from enemies. There are people whose lives are under constant strain of economic instability. There are people whose lives are marked by constant floods and the daily concern of what to… Continue reading Asleep in Anxiety

Loving President-Elect Barrack Obama

Friends, I’d like to share some personal reflections concerning president-elect Barrack Obama and how I have chosen to respond to his recent election to the highest office in our land (save for that of the local church preacher.) I shall state from the beginning of this post that I am a conservative. That does not… Continue reading Loving President-Elect Barrack Obama

90 Days with Scripture: Isaiah 60-66, New Heavens & New Earth

Friends, This is the manuscript from part 6 of the series. We are reading through the Bible in 90 Days and at this point those who are participating are midway or so through the Psalms. This sermon, from Isaiah 60-66, is fairly simply and makes three major points–derived by scanning the entirety of Scripture from… Continue reading 90 Days with Scripture: Isaiah 60-66, New Heavens & New Earth