Don’t be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid Genesis 15, Psalm 7-8 Well, there is a day skipped in here. Sorry. I think I mentioned the other day that Abram is one of my favorite biblical stories. I would love to spend a day with Abram and learn from him and talk to him about his story and his life.… Continue reading Don’t be Afraid

NT Wright on Resurrection and Fear

Friends, And the resurrection of Jesus issues the surprising command: don’t be afraid; because the God who made the world is the God who raised Jesus from the dead, and calls you now to follow him. Believing in the resurrection of Jesus isn’t just a matter of believing that certain things are true about the… Continue reading NT Wright on Resurrection and Fear

Loving President-Elect Barrack Obama

Friends, I’d like to share some personal reflections concerning president-elect Barrack Obama and how I have chosen to respond to his recent election to the highest office in our land (save for that of the local church preacher.) I shall state from the beginning of this post that I am a conservative. That does not… Continue reading Loving President-Elect Barrack Obama

William Willimon on Fear

Friends, I’m reading a fantastic book on preaching by William Willimon titled Peculiar Speech. I wish I could quote about every other sentence for you, but that would ruin the book. Anyhow, here’s something I came across in the reading today: “We trivialize only that which we fear we can’t handle, especially God.” (54) That… Continue reading William Willimon on Fear