The Dangerous God: Judges 7, The God who Does More with Less

Friends, I preached this sermon back in November of 2006. It was the first in a series of 8 sermons I preached on the subject, The Dangerous God. Sometimes I think that we Christians are more content to put our faith in places where there is obvious power or obvious safety. But this is not… Continue reading The Dangerous God: Judges 7, The God who Does More with Less

SkyCast: Plundering God, Isaiah 3:1-4:1

Friends, I printed the manuscript below for this sermon on Isaiah 3:1-4:1. The audio takes about 22 minutes or so-I am becoming much more efficient in my preaching. In this sermon, I follow on the heals of last week’s sermon which dealt primarily with trusting God. In this sermon, what I did was take that… Continue reading SkyCast: Plundering God, Isaiah 3:1-4:1

Skycast: Isaiah 2:6-22, Trusting God

Friends, Sadly, much of the church has become inundated with all sorts of idolatry. I think this idolatry is perhaps even more insidious than the sort of idolatry recognized by small statues in our front yards or shrines on the mantlepiece. This sermon is about Trusting God. This is what Isaiah was imploring the people… Continue reading Skycast: Isaiah 2:6-22, Trusting God