Murdering the Image of God

Murdering the Image of God Genesis 4, Luke 5 Today’s reading takes us back to Genesis again. The book is full of surprises for the interested reader who will pay attention. We’ve learned the glories of creation, the goodness, the majesty of the God who creates, the grace of the God who created us to… Continue reading Murdering the Image of God

Rivers & Marriage in Genesis 2

Rivers & Marriage Genesis 2, Luke 3 I’d like to continue my thoughts from yesterday by focusing on the reading from Genesis. I think too much anxiety exists in the world, in the church, about the purpose of the book of Genesis. It’s easy to do that. I have learned to be patient when trying… Continue reading Rivers & Marriage in Genesis 2

The Image of God and True Humanity

God’s Image and True Humanity Proverbs 1, Genesis 1 I love the book of Genesis. It is first, foundational. It is where our faith story begins. It introduces us to God and God’s intentions. I think it is not surprising at all that the history of human redemption begins in the book of Genesis. In… Continue reading The Image of God and True Humanity