Book Review: Simply Jesus

Title: Simply Jesus:  A New Vision of Who He was, What He Did, and Why He Matters Author: N.T. Wright Publisher: HarperOne Year: 2011 Pages: 240 I am typically disinclined to give an N.T.Wright book a poor review. I'm not going to start doing so here. That's not to say I have no criticisms; I… Continue reading Book Review: Simply Jesus

Skycast: Isaiah 2:6-22, Trusting God

Friends, Sadly, much of the church has become inundated with all sorts of idolatry. I think this idolatry is perhaps even more insidious than the sort of idolatry recognized by small statues in our front yards or shrines on the mantlepiece. This sermon is about Trusting God. This is what Isaiah was imploring the people… Continue reading Skycast: Isaiah 2:6-22, Trusting God

New Skycast. Isaiah 1:1-31, Hearing God

Friends, Here is the latest Skycast. This audio is about 25 minutes long and is the second sermon in a series I am preaching from Isaiah. I published the print version on this blog last week and it is below. (The print version of the current will be available at my widget on the… Continue reading New Skycast. Isaiah 1:1-31, Hearing God

What’s Missing in the Church?

Friends, Today the author of Slice of Laodicea is lamenting things that are now, in her words, ‘optional’ in the church. She wrote: This is an apt description of evangelicals as well who now increasingly view cardinal doctrines like the deity of Christ, a literal hell, the substitutionary atonement and the Second Coming as optional.… Continue reading What’s Missing in the Church?

Podcast #1: The Resurrection Driven Life, pt 1

Friends, This is a new adventure for Life Under the Blue Sky: Podcasting of sunday’s sermons.  This is a trial run from a sermon I preached about 2 years ago. The sermon is called Now is the Time to Fast and Pray and is part 1 of a 5 part series called The Resurrection Driven… Continue reading Podcast #1: The Resurrection Driven Life, pt 1