A Meaningless Poll of the World

Friends, I found a meaningless article at the BBC online today. Turns out that the majority of nearly 23,000 people from 17 different countries would prefer Senator Barack Obama as the next president. Well, I have a couple of thoughts on this poll. First, who cares what people around the world think of who should… Continue reading A Meaningless Poll of the World

Penn Jillette on Who Should be President

Friends, I happened across this stupid (you’ll understand in a minute why I said ‘stupid’) commentary from Penn Jillette, magician, comedian, actor, author and producer (should tell us all we need to know about his opinion and why he is ‘qualified’ to write this op-ed for CNN), that I had hoped would prove to me that many of the folks… Continue reading Penn Jillette on Who Should be President

Something I don’t Understand: Please Help Me Senator Obama!!

Friends, Here I will confess my ignorance. In this story from Christian Post, I learned that presidential hopeful, Barak Hussein Obama worshipped today at the Apostolic Church of God in (I guess) Chicago. CHICAGO (AP) – Barack Obama celebrated Father’s Day by calling on black fathers, who he said are “missing from too many lives… Continue reading Something I don’t Understand: Please Help Me Senator Obama!!

The Unstoppable Clinton-Obama Ticket

Friends, Came across this funny headline at the CNN Political Ticker: Bill Clinton: A Clinton-Obama ticket would be ‘unstoppable’ I’d like to take the opportunity to remind the former blemish on the white house President that a train-wreck is, too, unstoppable. sincerely, jerry PS–for the record, I could almost stomach Hilary in the White House (at least… Continue reading The Unstoppable Clinton-Obama Ticket

John Hagee & John McCain

Friends, I just read this at Christian Post: The Rev. John Hagee, a televangelist and pastor of the 17,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, endorsed McCain at a news conference. “John McCain is a man of principle,” said Hagee, citing McCain’s anti-abortion voting record and his support of Israel. Hagee is a leader among Christian… Continue reading John Hagee & John McCain