Dana Jacobson & Forgiveness & Christians Protesting

Friends, I have been hearing this story about the ESPN personality who evidently forgot her lines. I read this at Christian Post: Christian groups protested ESPN last week when they felt it was slow to take disciplinary action against Jacobson for her anti-Christian tirade on Jan. 11 at a roast in Atlantic City, N.J. There,… Continue reading Dana Jacobson & Forgiveness & Christians Protesting

Kathy Griffen and the Miracle Theater

Friends, Kathy Griffen has really stirred the pot lately with her recent comments about Jesus. I have to confess, I got sucked (no pun) into the fray and I have blogged about it quite a bit more than I should have. One of my posts has generated nearly 500 hits which is really, really sad.… Continue reading Kathy Griffen and the Miracle Theater