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The perversion, feminization, and death of the church continues in America. Gene Robinson is a downright abomination to the Church.

He is now planning a ‘civil union’. He said:

“We were looking for a three-day weekend which would allow people to travel more easily, and that happened to be the fifth anniversary of my election as the Bishop of New Hampshire and thought that would be an appropriate date,” said Robinson, according to the Church of England Newspaper.

There is one voice of reason:

The archbishop of Nigeria, the Most Rev. Peter Akinola, considered the most powerful leader in the Anglican Communion, said the absence of even one province from the meeting would indicate that the Lambeth Conference “effectively ceases to be an Instrument of Unity.”

“I believe that Peter Akinola, the Archbishop of Nigeria, one of the primary spokespeople against my election, I believe he is following his call from God as best as he can,” Robinson said in the interview. “I just wish he could believe I am following my call from God as best I can.”

I’d like to know where God said in Scipture: Follow me as best you can directly into sin. What about that part in Scripture that says: “Those who in Christ are new creatures.” What about ‘taking off the old self, putting on the new self, which is being recreated in the image of its Creator’? What about ‘be holy as I am holy’? What about ‘be perfect as I am perfect’? What about ‘clothing oneself with Christ’?