Things that Make Jesus Happy

I grew up believing the untenable notion that Jesus never smiled or laughed. I'm not sure why I believed such a thing. I suppose it's perhaps because there's no explicit statement in the Bible that says, "And on that occasion, Jesus laughed." But surely Jesus laughed, right? Surely this one who gives his Spirit to… Continue reading Things that Make Jesus Happy

Lectionary Notes 1 John 4 7 21

In my ongoing series of posts on the current lectionary readings, I offer you these notes on 1 John 4:7-21. There are notes from DA Carson, Eugene Peterson, I Howard Marshall, Craig Keener, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and David Jackman among others. The notes focus mainly on John’s call to his congregation to love one another as… Continue reading Lectionary Notes 1 John 4 7 21

David Jackman on Loving other Christians

Friends, In my preparations for Sunday’s Lectionary readings, I came across this in David Jackman’s The Message of John’s Letters in the IVP The Bible Speaks Today series. The author is commenting on 1 John 4:20-21. I thought you might appreciate it: “This final ground of assurance brings us full circle back to 4:7, where… Continue reading David Jackman on Loving other Christians

He said: ‘Love One Another.’

I’ve been trying to think about what I would like to preach this year. Back in November and December of ‘08, I wrote out two complete series of sermons-each 10 weeks long. I was ready for ‘09. Then, well, let’s just say there were some issues with my mouth and my pen and then, well,… Continue reading He said: ‘Love One Another.’

A Reformed Revival: Critiquing a Short Paragraph Uttered by Uber-Evangelical Paul Washer

Friends, Paul Washer is a preacher. I hear about him seemingly everywhere. Many hail him as the latest in a long line prophetic preachers who are going to change the world with their powerful voice by calling the church to reform. He is hailed as being extremely orthodox, although others have pointed out some inconsistencies … Continue reading A Reformed Revival: Critiquing a Short Paragraph Uttered by Uber-Evangelical Paul Washer

God’s Amazing Grace

Friends, Here is an important post from my friends at CRN.Info and Analysis concerning the grace of God. The important part, however, is not necessarily in the post proper, but rather in the replies that it has generated so far. (26 as of this post.) I will explain in more detail below. First, let me set… Continue reading God’s Amazing Grace