Podcast #8: The Advancing Kingdom of God, Mark 5:1-43

Friends, I published the manuscript for this sermon last night. This sermon is about 28 minutes long. I am preaching from Mark 5:1-43. You can see from the manuscript version of this sermon that I am trying to work out what it means to be involved in the re-creation of the heavens and the earth… Continue reading Podcast #8: The Advancing Kingdom of God, Mark 5:1-43

The Kingdom Advance, Mark 5:1-42

Friends, This is the manuscript of my sermon for tomorrow (June 22, 2008). It is based on Mark 5:1-42. Obvsiously, I have not dealt with every single issue in this chapter. Instead, I have highlighted a single aspect, namely, that Jesus did what others could not: Restored a mind, healed a woman’s suffering, raised a… Continue reading The Kingdom Advance, Mark 5:1-42