On Kings, Power, the Kingdom of God, and Daniel 11

I went back through my old notes, the ones I managed to save after the church fired me, and found that I have written two separate sets of daily devotionals on the book of Daniel and and entire series of sermons. Now I have a new project where I am doing preliminary work through the… Continue reading On Kings, Power, the Kingdom of God, and Daniel 11

Daily Office: July 12, 2014

Psalm, when we give our attention to God, he gives his to us. Deuteronomy, be willing to be forgotten in order that God may be remembered. Matthew, always be thinking about Jesus in whatever you do. Romans, receive what God is offering you with open hands.

Daily Office: July 11, 2014

It's been a few days since I have written about the Daily Office. That kind of bums me out a little bit because it means I haven't been truly engaged in the Scripture as I want to be. I suppose all of us at some level have these ideas about what we should be doing… Continue reading Daily Office: July 11, 2014

New Pastor’s Prayer Thoughts: Matthew 24-25

Friends, There are several new posts at Pastor’s Prayer Thoughts. Stop by and check them out for good devotional thoughts and prayer thoughts. My own newest addition is here: A Few Thoughts on Matthew 24-25. Here’s a glimpse: The disciples had specifically asked: What will be the signs of the end of the age? I… Continue reading New Pastor’s Prayer Thoughts: Matthew 24-25

The Church in Exile, pt 1

Friends, This is a rather lengthy text from a sermon I preached in January 2007. It was the introductory sermon I preached in a series of sermons from the book of Daniel. I have also uploaded it to box.net if you would prefer the .doc version. jerry The Church in Exile, pt 1 The People… Continue reading The Church in Exile, pt 1

Oprah: Maker of Religion?? Duh!

Friends, I mentioned in my Sunday sermon last week, almost tongue in cheek, that we need to be aware of the religion of Oprah. Well, turns out I was not too far off. Roger Friedman has written an insightful essay at Foxnews.com concerning this very point: Is Oprah Starting Her Own Cult? I might suggest that… Continue reading Oprah: Maker of Religion?? Duh!