Advent Day 12: Matthew 12: Something Greater

Read: Matthew 12; Exodus; 1 Kings 1-11 In his short little book simply titled Following Jesus, NT Wright waltzes through several New Testament books and explores their main themes and ideas. Among the books explored is the Gospel according to Matthew. Of Matthew he writes: Matthew's whole gospel is, in fact, a Coronation Anthem. And… Continue reading Advent Day 12: Matthew 12: Something Greater

Being Dad: Bouncing on Beds

Friends, Several years ago I wrote a book-length series of devotions that, at the time, I sent around to everyone in my email address book. All of the devotionals were based on my experiences as a dad to three boys (the oldest of which, at the time, was 10; he is now 15.) I never… Continue reading Being Dad: Bouncing on Beds

What’s Missing in the Church?

Friends, Today the author of Slice of Laodicea is lamenting things that are now, in her words, ‘optional’ in the church. She wrote: This is an apt description of evangelicals as well who now increasingly view cardinal doctrines like the deity of Christ, a literal hell, the substitutionary atonement and the Second Coming as optional.… Continue reading What’s Missing in the Church?