Book Review: The Global War on Christians

Title: The Global War on Christians Author: John L. Allen jr. Publisher: Crown Publishing Pages: 308 (including postscript and index) Date: 2013 [Disclaimer: To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, please mention as part of every review that Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers has provided you with a complimentary copy of this book… Continue reading Book Review: The Global War on Christians

God’s Wisdom and God’s Power

Friends, This clip takes about 9:45. If you skip through or try to cut to the end, you will miss the entire point of the video. Watch the entire clip. The whole thing. I love the line, “God in his wisdom allows what his power easily could have prevented.” Wonderful. Every Christian needs to hear… Continue reading God’s Wisdom and God’s Power

Dana Jacobson & Forgiveness & Christians Protesting

Friends, I have been hearing this story about the ESPN personality who evidently forgot her lines. I read this at Christian Post: Christian groups protested ESPN last week when they felt it was slow to take disciplinary action against Jacobson for her anti-Christian tirade on Jan. 11 at a roast in Atlantic City, N.J. There,… Continue reading Dana Jacobson & Forgiveness & Christians Protesting