A Meaningless Poll of the World

Friends, I found a meaningless article at the BBC online today. Turns out that the majority of nearly 23,000 people from 17 different countries would prefer Senator Barack Obama as the next president. Well, I have a couple of thoughts on this poll. First, who cares what people around the world think of who should… Continue reading A Meaningless Poll of the World

Endangered Species #11

Friends, I happened to be visiting Live-Science.com this evening and I came across an interesting article titled 10 Species You Can Kiss Goodbye. It is a picture essay listing ten different animals that are considered ‘endangered’ by someone who is, evidently, an expert. Doing my part to spread this disturbing news, I will here list… Continue reading Endangered Species #11

Penn Jillette on Who Should be President

Friends, I happened across this stupid (you’ll understand in a minute why I said ‘stupid’) commentary from Penn Jillette, magician, comedian, actor, author and producer (should tell us all we need to know about his opinion and why he is ‘qualified’ to write this op-ed for CNN), that I had hoped would prove to me that many of the folks… Continue reading Penn Jillette on Who Should be President

Fan of Prosperity? Check these Clips!

Friends, If you are a fan of the prosperity ‘Gospel’ then you do not want to miss these clips at Wittenburg Door. I had some suspicions about BVOV, but these clips sure do open another perspective on this altogether! jerry PS–this is sort of a follow up to a post I did a while back… Continue reading Fan of Prosperity? Check these Clips!

Another Republican Loses My Vote

Friends, I keep picking them off one by one, and I’m glad to. I’m trying to find a viable candidate worthy of my vote and I thought for a minute or two that Ron Paul might be the one. I had heard some good things about him concerning dollars and taxes, but now I have… Continue reading Another Republican Loses My Vote