Helpless, Lenten Reflection #10

[Note: I wrote this for Easter Sunday, 2007. The week before, while preaching the sermon, I had suffered a massive attack of a kidney stone. It completely incapacitate me. I was in so much pain I was unable to finish the sermon and the rest of the week I merely laid around on the couch… Continue reading Helpless, Lenten Reflection #10

Book Review: 50 Things You Need to Know about Heaven

Title: 50 Things You Need to Know about Heaven Author: John Hart Publisher: Baker Books (Bethany House) Year: 2014 Pages: 144 (e-book/Nook) Disclaimer: In full disclosure, you need to know that I was provided with a free e-book copy of the above mentioned book in exchange for my fair and unbiased review. I have also… Continue reading Book Review: 50 Things You Need to Know about Heaven

Skycast: Resurrected Jesus among the Churches

Friends, Here is episode #2 of the Rain and Snow Skycast. In this episode, I finish my exploration of Revelation 1 by studying with you verses 9-21. I also included a book review of NT Wright’s book Surprised By Hope. I close the Skycast by talking about God’s grace and how the modern manifestation of… Continue reading Skycast: Resurrected Jesus among the Churches

Loving President-Elect Barrack Obama

Friends, I’d like to share some personal reflections concerning president-elect Barrack Obama and how I have chosen to respond to his recent election to the highest office in our land (save for that of the local church preacher.) I shall state from the beginning of this post that I am a conservative. That does not… Continue reading Loving President-Elect Barrack Obama

PT Forsyth and the Centrality of the Cross

Friends, Here’s a lengthy, but necessary quote from my friend PT Forsyth. Every time I read something of his, I am astounded at his prescience (not to mention his depth of thought!) Here he is lamenting the church not only losing focus on the centrality of Christ’s cross and its vital connection to our salvation,… Continue reading PT Forsyth and the Centrality of the Cross

Suffering & God & The Cross

Friends, Aaron W Calhoun, MD, has a rather brilliant, if short, essay in the most recent issue of Touchstone titled “Jesus Wept.” In the short essay he touches on some of the objections that atheists and others come up with for why there almost certainly is not a god.  This part of the essay has been rehearsed… Continue reading Suffering & God & The Cross