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When I visit ‘pinknews’ I usually do so because I’m curious to see how the homosexual world is spreading their propaganda in the church and towards young people. There’s usually plenty of that going around and today I was not disappointed at all.

There was something else that caught my attention, though, too. Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld where they had a ‘high talker’? It was a hilarious episode. Well, now it is real life and the ‘high talker‘ is threatening to sue! The article says:

Mr O’Brien, a law lecturer from Leeds, the officially complained to the bank, who admitted in writing that:

“Having passed our security requirements you were transferred to an operator who garnered the impression the individual accessing your account was female.”

And then, he complained! Look, this is no crackback against homosexuals. Seriously, this is just downright hilarious. A gay man who talks like a woman is offended that someone thought he was someone he is not. I know people are going to be mad that I’m writing this, but this is just funny. And I can’t get that episode of Seinfeld out of my head.

His partner, a man, said (in part):

“Just because a man has a high-pitched voice, does that mean it’s a woman? They’re labelling it. They’re saying, “You’re not who you say you are.””

Fact is, they did accept him for who he is, they just didn’t believe it. I would think he would be thankful to the bank for being concerned enough to protect his money and his identity. Seriously, now any woman in the country could call up and access his money (if they have any of his information). He ought to be thanking the bank.

Oh, here’s the indoctrination of children by homosexuals story.

Here’s the homosexuality and religion story.

And here’s one more anti-Christian homosexual story.

I wonder why, when I read stories about homosexuals, I never read about how Muslims feel about homosexuals? Why do I only ever hear about how Christians feel about homosexuals? I wonder if Islam tolerates homosexuality? I wonder why it is that homosexuals are so concerned that the Bible be re-written for their convenience? Seriously, what does Islam say about homosexuality? (I’m being serious, because I don’t know.) Are there any homosexual groups trying to re-write the Qu’ran so that it makes homosexuality an acceptable aspect of Islam?

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ps-I’m serious about my questions concerning homsexualism and Islam.