Lectionary Study Notes: Acts 4:5-12, May 3, 2009

Friends, Here is my second installment of study notes for this week’s lectionary readings. This one focuses on Acts 4:5-12. The study focuses on the Spirit’s role, the Name, and the Exclusivity.  Quotes from William Willimon, Richard Philips, John Stott, Robert Tannehill, LJ Olgivie, DA Carson, Eugene Peterson, Aijith Fernando, Mark Driscoll, and more. There… Continue reading Lectionary Study Notes: Acts 4:5-12, May 3, 2009

Resurrection Changes Everything, Luke 24:36-49

Friends, Here is the link to the sermon I have written based on this week’s Gospel Lesson from Luke 24:36-49. I have attached a link to the notes too. Be blessed. Resurrection Changes Everything, Luke 24:26-49 Gospel Lesson notes: Luke 24:36-49 Here’s an excerpt: Resurrection changed everything. The resurrection of Jesus set the world on… Continue reading Resurrection Changes Everything, Luke 24:36-49

Study Notes: Gospel Lesson, Luke 24:36-49

Friends, A new feature I will try to practice for a while. I have decided that I will follow the Lectionary readings for a while in 2009 for my preaching schedule. As I study and prepare each week, I will post my notes here at the blog for anyone to partake of. It will vary… Continue reading Study Notes: Gospel Lesson, Luke 24:36-49