Jesus (Still) Wants to Know Me

Like many people right now, I am reading Michael Spencer’s book Mere Churchianity, which was recently published by Waterbrook Press. I’m only two chapters in, but already I know the reason I bought the book and why I visited the late Spencer’s blog Internet Monk so frequently. He tells his readers in the introduction exactly… Continue reading Jesus (Still) Wants to Know Me

Sinning Like a Christian: William Willimon

Sinning Like  a Christian, by William Willimon Abingdon Press, 2005 A Peculiar Prophet (Willimon’s Blog) I wish I had the courage to sin like William Willimon, but I know that if I did, people might look at me funny. After all, I’m not William Willimon.  The problem with Willimon is not his theology. I think… Continue reading Sinning Like a Christian: William Willimon