Skycast: On the Journey With and Without God: Psalm 22

Welcome to the Life Under the Blue Sky Skycast (Podcast). In this installment, I will explore Psalm 22. You can access the sermon manuscript and lectionary notes here. Here’s an excerpt from the sermon: The Psalm doesn’t end with all the wavering and tossing to and fro. It doesn’t end with the ups and downs.… Continue reading Skycast: On the Journey With and Without God: Psalm 22

God’s Wisdom and God’s Power

Friends, This clip takes about 9:45. If you skip through or try to cut to the end, you will miss the entire point of the video. Watch the entire clip. The whole thing. I love the line, “God in his wisdom allows what his power easily could have prevented.” Wonderful. Every Christian needs to hear… Continue reading God’s Wisdom and God’s Power

Being Dad: Treasures in Pockets

Friends, here is installment 2 of my “Being Dad” series of posts. This one deals with the things that we find in pockets. My sons, when they were younger, had an uncanny knack for cramming things into their pockets. That’s where this devotional is from. jerry ___________________ God likes to show off his people to… Continue reading Being Dad: Treasures in Pockets

Holy Week and Kidney Stones (2007)

Friends, This is the text of a sermon I preached on Resurrection Sunday in 2007. It’s a very personal reflection on suffering. 2007 was a difficult year for me physically as I have never been to as many doctors, taken so many prescriptions, and told my health history so many times as I did last… Continue reading Holy Week and Kidney Stones (2007)