Book Review: God’s Love Compels Us

God's Love Compels Us is a collection of sermons based on the text of 2 Corinthians 4-5 (4 sermons), Psalm 22 (1 sermon), and two other topical sermons written by well educated men who are preachers or scholars or missionaries. The first three sermons are by D.A. Carson (who also edited the book), David Platt,… Continue reading Book Review: God’s Love Compels Us

Book Review: Messy Grace

Many, may years ago when I was still young, I felt I was being led to be the preacher of a certain church. I began going through all the motions–sending a resume, sample sermon, meeting families and members of the church, preaching trial sermon(s), and finally submitting to a vote of the congregation. During the… Continue reading Book Review: Messy Grace

Book Review: Stanley at School

This is the sixth book in the Stanley series written by children's author Linda Bailey and illustrated by Bill Slavin. It was my first introduction to the Stanley series and the experience was a good one. One of the best things about being an elementary school teacher is that I am exposed to children's books… Continue reading Book Review: Stanley at School

Book Review: Circle of Sovereignty

I came across this book quite by accident. I don't even remember what other resource I was reading when I saw a reference or a quote to Fewell's book. I do remember being immediately drawn to the book because I had my suspicions that it was not mere commentary on the book but true exegesis.… Continue reading Book Review: Circle of Sovereignty

Book Review: The Most Magnificent Thing

It's rather difficult to dislike a children's book–especially a picture book. I mean the book has to be pretty bad to get any negative feedback from anyone. After all, children's books are written for children: there's a lot of pictures, few words, colorful artwork, and few pages. What could go wrong? So it took me… Continue reading Book Review: The Most Magnificent Thing

Book Review: The Kingdom according to Luke and Acts

Every now and then I come across a book that hooks me with the title. Sometimes after turning the cover and reading the first couple pages I find the old adage to be true that I should not judge a book by its cover or, as in this case, the title. This was not one… Continue reading Book Review: The Kingdom according to Luke and Acts