Jesus Undoes Death

Jesus Undoes DeathGenesis 5, Luke 6 Something that has always bothered me about the daily paper is the obituaries. I understand why the obituaries exist, but I have not so much a fascination with them. Some people make a habit of reading the obituaries—its like it’s part of their religion and if they don’t read… Continue reading Jesus Undoes Death

Sermon Manuscripts: The Dangerous God

Friends, I finally managed to find my CD copies of my manuscripts from The Dangerous God sermon series of which I have posted a couple of the mp3’s here. I will be posting more of the mp3’s, but for now I would like to provide you with the sermon manuscripts. These sermons are filled with… Continue reading Sermon Manuscripts: The Dangerous God

Endangered Species #11

Friends, I happened to be visiting this evening and I came across an interesting article titled 10 Species You Can Kiss Goodbye. It is a picture essay listing ten different animals that are considered ‘endangered’ by someone who is, evidently, an expert. Doing my part to spread this disturbing news, I will here list… Continue reading Endangered Species #11